The Bada Bingg @ the Allentown Fairgrounds Farmer's Market - The Best Sandwiches in the Lehigh Valley.
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Weekly Feature

Weekly Feature: Loaded Potato Grilled Cheese: smoked gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, potato pancake, bacon and sour cream with broccoli slaw, chives and scallions served on brioche bread. Served with chips and a 20 oz. drink.

Mushroom and Brie brisque
Chili with Cheese
Lobster Mac n' Cheese

Lehigh Valley Happening Magazine

We have been nominated for the Lehigh Valley Happening Magazine Happening List 2017 Food for both Sandwiches and Breakfast.category. THANK YOU and please vote:

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Weekly Feature

The Bada Bingg along with Camelot for Children held a sandwich contest: The Winner is the Knorr family and will be this weeks feature.

Weekly Feature: The Twist - Hot Ham and Swiss Cheese, spicy mustard on a grilled pretzel roll with a side a French fries and a 20oz drink.

Soups: Cream of Turkey Soup
           Spiced Pumpkin Bisque (gluten free)
           Chili with Cheese

Weekly Feature 10/19/2016

Weekly Feature: the "Fat Tony" - sweet Italian sausage with broccoli rabe, shaved parmesian, and sun-dried tomatoes on a 10" roll, a side of our own pasta salad and a 20oz. drink.

Weekly Feature 10 5 2016

The Racketeer - a Bada Bingg twist on the classic Reuben. Pastrami, chipotle mayonnaise, Swiss cheese and vinegar slaw packed in between thick slices of Jewish rye, served hot served with French fries and a 20oz. drink.

Soups: Split Pea Soup (gluten free)
            Chicken Noodle Soup
            Chili with Cheese

Weekly Feature -Sandwich 7/14/16

Weekly Feature - Cheddar and American Cheeses, thinly sliced tomato, ham, bacon served on Texas toast.

Weekly Feature - Breakfast 7/14/16

Weekly Feature:  Breakfast - American Cheese, hashbrowns, sausage and scrambled egg, country style served on country white bread.

Larry & Shannon - twins

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Lehigh Valley SteelHawk

Lloyd and the lshabang bang breakfast

Lehigh Valley SteelHawk's

2016 SteekHawks

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Weekly Feature
Lehigh Valley Happening Magazine
Weekly Feature
Weekly Feature 10/19/2016
Weekly Feature 10 5 2016


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